Friday, May 8, 2009


Welcome to my music blog. On this site you will find my personal reviews of music cds, new and old, as well as concert reviews and general but related musings. I like almost all genres of current "rock 'n roll" and plan to write objective reviews that speak directly from the heart without favortism or bias. Hopefully you will find my opinions useful in helping you to make your own decisions on what artists and cds are deserving of your valuable free time. Thanks for visiting and keep coming back.


  1. Big pgh here:
    How can you possibly be "objective" when posting your own opinions? I'm not buying that! I think you meant to say "subjective". Let's be honest about it, hmmnn?

  2. Litte pgh answers:
    Thanks for pointing out my error before anyone else does. You're right - - I stink at semantics. What I meant was that I would approach each new piece of music with an open mind, despite what I may think of any artists past efforts. So, for example, if I chose to review a new Britny Spears single (not likely, mind you) I would treat it as a stand-alone work and not pre-judge it. Thanks for keeping me on task . . . . .